Adventures in Virtual (Cryptocurrency) Mining

Symbol for Bitcoin.

I have no idea how I got interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies! I think it’s because I know someone who was mining in bitcoin and making money a long time ago, and I thought–hey, I’m good with computers, and I’d like to make a little money on the side, why don’t I check it out?

So last night I started installing an ethereum (geth.exe) program, and then waiting around to see if I could get my PC to create some virtual currency, based on an article that said in the first sentence: “you can get it up and running and start your own ethereum mining project in 15 mins”. 

This ran for 12 hours and I had no idea when or if it would finish…
Symbol for Ethereum.

I was OK until step 7, running a program in a dos window: “the screen should start downloading the blockchain for Ethereum…. ” My problem is that it never seemed to complete itself, so this morning, after 12 hours of continuous running with no end in sight, I killed it and started looking for another way to get mining.

This requires some faith and patience. And I’m not very patient. I came across an intriguing youtube channel called Boxmining:

Certainly looks promising!

And this person seems rather knowledgeable and interested in learning more about finances and technology. (Notice how the coin on the far right column has been grayed out–this is where he lost money–all part of the process of learning, and I think it would be better to color it red instead of trying to visually dismiss it.) I feel in the long run being patient and investing in technical knowledge will work out. It seems like technology applied to finances is another “internet wave” in the making in its power to disrupt traditional businesses.

On to the next Ethereum install attempt. At least this window says what it’s up to.
The numbers are at least looking like they may get to the finish.

Well, a few hours go by and I’m still impatiently waiting!