Responsive Web Design

A primitive Open-Handed Image-Art essay html/css designed for mobile. It’s readable on my Samsung Galaxy Rush, 3.5″ screen, 320×240 pixel!  smartphone, and looks OKish on my latest Kindle Fire 7″ (1024 x 600 px). (Just kicks up the font size when the viewport goes > 900 pixels.)

I’m reading Luke Wroblewski at the moment, Mobile First. I really enjoyed reading Karen McGrane’s Content Strategy for Mobile awhile ago.

When you’re staring down the barrel of a CMS replatforming and a website redesign, that can easily spiral out to be a three, four-year, eleventy-bajillion-dollar project in which everyone gets fired in the end.

—fun quote from Karen McGrane talking with Ethan Marcotte on responsive web design.

I also enjoy listening to Ethan and Karen talk about rwd projects on their podcast:


I’m also reading their latest books: Responsive Designs: Patterns and Principles, and Going Responsive.