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Living by The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary

View of Tall Animals Land hillside next to The Mountain of Attention
Inside view of The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary

The World-Friend Adi Da first stepped onto the Mountain of Attention Sanctuary on Jan 23, 1974.

A Movie Review: The Miracle

The Miracle on Netflix

The Miracle is on Netflix, a Turkish movie with subtitles, based on a true story, see pictures on

A teacher in Turkey in the 1960s runs off to a remote village to avoid getting drafted. Unfortunately, there is no school in the village. He despairs but then agrees to teach only if girls are included in a new school. The teacher begins teaching a disabled man as well. Drama, comedy, and a miracle!

Quote from the movie: Muhtar Davut: Some people have eyes in their hearts. They see the world through those eyes. They see everything through those eyes.


Is this Shangrila?

I saw these news clips tonight online, one about Shangri-la, and the next one about death… right next to each other.

You have an idea that somehow that time is going to take care of everything. You must understand that the mechanics of conditional existence do not lead you to Happiness. They do not do anything of the kind. Happiness is a matter of understanding and transcending all of it. This is something, of course, that you must come to understand and realize by making a serious investigation of conditional existence.

The World-Friend, Adi Da, from Easy Death, The Choice of Happiness, page 136

A Journey of Trust

A Journey of Trust

Hi all, I just received a biography of Margot Janeway this morning, it’s out now and available on bookbaby. It looks like a very inviting and conversational story of Margot’s interactions and relationship to the World-Friend Adi Da.

Margot Janeway was born in 1937, just moments before her twin sister. Born premature and weighing just four pounds, she had to fight to survive from the moment she was born. She has been aware of her own mortality and a Divine Mystery beyond this physical realm for as long as she can remember. This spiritual memoir—overflowing with grace-given intuitions, experiences and insights, and with the warmth and wonders of human and Divine Love—was written by Margot in response to the abundant blessings of her Divinely Realized Spiritual Master Adi Da Samraj, who has helped her survive and learn from the many trials and heartaches she has faced. Her trust in Adi Da has been the foundation of her life.

–from the Bookbaby review & the back cover of the book.

Conditional life is a fire

Conditional life is a fire. Listen to Me! Conditional life is a fire by which you will be consumed–unless you Awaken (Perfectly) within it and from it.
–Adi Da Samraj, from The Aletheon