(Sept 2018-now) Web production and marketing at The Dawn Horse Press. Doing tech support on the side. Learning the Laravel framework to do website work and a web app for music streaming.

Recent Tech Work

Desktop Support Technician at Twin Pine Casino from Aug 2015-Oct 2017. The IT Dept maintains a myriad of technical systems: servers running all the slot machines, all the AV in the casino and hotel, the software/hardware for the restaurants in the hotel, AV for events, all the PCs in Admin, telephone SIP servers, etc, etc. I counted 127 vendors in our tracking system.

Previously, at the Dawn Horse Press, I created and maintained back-end server & services for an Apple iPad app. On the Amazon cloud I created the mysql database and participated in using php to create the communication framework for transmitting media info to the ipad app. Then added media info to the database. Ripped DVDs and CDS and uploaded them to an Amazon server. Maintained user info that controls the install process and the app on the client. Provided tech support for installs, general customer support, and troubleshooting of software/hardware. Ordered new and refurbed ipads for clients. Did general research for ebook/pdf/web tech for The Dawn Horse Press.
Worked on creating a “Basket of Tolerance” website, a cross between a book that’s a bibliography and a virtual online library, via a conceptual spiritual framework of the seven stages of life, a means of comprehending the totality of human culture and wisdom. Prototype was a standard “lamp” app, running on Amazon’s cloud.

Technical Summary

Webwork Tools: Visual Studio Code, Bluefish & Sublime Text, Inkscape, Audacity for audio editing, Kden Live for video editing
Databases: MySql w/ phpMyAdmin, SQLite, MS SQL Server, InterBase, Foxpro, Dbase, MS Access 2-2K, Paradox, Focus on PCs & Mainframes
Operating Systems: Linux (Redhat & Ubuntu), Windows 2-10, Win2k server, iOS for ipads, Mac OSX, DOS
Languages: Php, Perl, Html and CSS, Javascript, jQuery, bootstrap, MS ASP, Delphi, Visual Basic
Frameworks: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Lamp (Linux/Apache/MySql/Php) Stack, IIS
Content Management Systems: WordPress, Drupal, open source wikis
Admin: Maintained workstation/server tape backups, performed server farm maintenance, desktop support, Antivirus Network Support
PC Hardware: have kept hardware working and fixed when necessary as long as I’ve worked on PCs (started with an IBM PCjr). Focus on desktops as laptops have too many proprietary ($$) replacement parts

College Education

Majority of education at The University of Wisconsin, Madison (majoring in philosophy), but graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in English Literature.