Here’s a couple things that that demonstrate my digital currency & technical chops:

1) I have a number of mining rigs, running SMOS. I’m currently mining a few cryptos. I started mining Ethereum, and mined a bit of ZClassic as well. Right now it’s a total pain finding GPUs at MSRP, since the mining boom has created big scalping/out-of-stock on most GPUs. So I’ve been working at the bottom range of possible miners: Nvidia 1060s and 1050s. (And using Dash with giftcards to get them at 10% off at Amazon.) Mining is a good way to use crypto on a daily basis. (I’m also helping a friend with his Pivx masternode and monero wallet.)

Lake County Houses For Sale

2) Digital Signage Project: I showed a local realtor how I could rotate images on a big screen TV from my Raspberry Pi, and he said can you put that in my offices to show current properties?

So I’m pulling data from the California Realtors MLS system, creating web pages, and displaying them from a browser in a raspberry pi. I’m using php/mysql on a backend linux server to create daily property web pages, and still have some syncing to do with photos, and creating some chron jobs to update the data every day. I’m using javascript and iframes to rotate properties on the main web page. I’m also going to update the prototype page layout to the new css grid template.