Prior Unity

Celebrating Light in the dark of Winter

It is very much a traditional European and American idea to associate this celebratory time of year with winter and the seasonal “darkest time of year”. However, dark and light contrasted has a kind of fundamental meaning for all people, universally. Dark versus light; light versus dark–the idea of celebrating light rather than darkness is a way of universalizing a celebration at this time of year, when many traditions have a principal celebration otherwise.

–The World-Friend Adi Da, from The Danavira Mela Book page 9

Light means something holy, something Divine. The notion and the sense of the holiness (or, at any rate, the profoundity) of Light–and especially the Divine characteristic of Light–is a universal feeling-idea. It is part of all religions. It is part of secular life, too. Light is fundamental in human experience and aspiration and meaning. Because of this, it is suitable to be associated with a universal celebration every year.

–The World-Friend Adi Da, from The Danavira Mela Book page 9

Bhagavan Adi Da as a child, and Bhagavan Adi Da in Hermitage
Images from The Danavira Mela Book

Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj envisions the holiday season as a time when people of all faiths and places can celebrate the “Light-in-Everybody” —a season, as He explained, that is “essentially about Light, and about that Light in everybody. It is about acknowledging the characteristic of Light in everybody you know and meet, rather than darkness. It is about love rather than its opposite.”