Design tech

Responsive Website

This is a property on Shendoah Rd that I setup. I set the images to resize to a max-width of 800px. For 2 across, I set the images into a grid, for portrait/landscape pair I used flex.

Art tech

Cool Rocket & Moon Video/Story

Here’s an interesting story about a rare video and photos of a rocket flying in front of a nearly full moon.


A Couple of Thoughtful Tech Commentators I listen to

Scott Galloway does a podcast series with Kara Swisher.

Education tech

Excellent Programming Book: The Pragmatic Programmer, 2nd Edition

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Delightful, practical book on a difficult subject. 20th Anniversary edition just came out in Sept 2019. I’m currently listening to the 10 hour edition, which is cheaper than the hardback book.

Education tech

Worm to Butterfly

Adi Da Meditation Cave
Adi Da Meditation Cave

It’s more of a

“go into a cave for six months

and hopefully

get a job

when you


sort of thing.

How to Break Into the Tech Industry, by Haseeb Qureshi

So I think I’m going to meditate on my Guru and cocoon in tech.