37,000 Tips for Jr. Software Developers

Adapted from Sean Allen

Just kidding, let’s start with 37! Mostly adapted.

  1. My recommendation: study software books from the top 100 list
  2. Learn how to learn: constant: learning
  3. Repetition is key
  4. Avoid tutorial trap: build projects
  5. Learn the Docs
  6. Cost benefit analysis: manage features to get job done on time
  7. How senior am i? irrelevant
  8. Find a mentor
  9. Be active on twitter: build networking relationships
  10. Go to meetups if you can
  11. Portfolio website: Visual showcase your work, pretty pics
  12. Create small porfolio projects, showcase lots of skills
  13. Create pretty ReadMe, visual / animated gifs
  14. Learn basic design skills
  15. Find the right fit in job, not first offer
  16. Lesser pay may be right fit
  17. Work in a tech hub: big city lots of tech, network effects
  18. Work full-time first before contracting
  19. Show initiative
  20. Learn to communicate
  21. Show that you care
  22. Do great work, your reputation will follow you
  23. You’re not too old
  24. Create content if you can: build online presence
  25. Be patient Padawan
  26. 90/90 rule: there’s the first 90%, then there’s the 2nd 90%
  27. Which language? Do what you enjoy. Learning 2nd language is not a problem
  28. Don’t use front door /apply : Build relationships first
  29. Complete hot-tub immersion when learning
  30. Listen to podcasts
  31. Network to get contracts
  32. Startup or big company: it depends on preference
  33. Study for months for job interview, that’s nuts
  34. Remote work can get old: fun for 6 months…
  35. Dev bootcamp worth it? no, force 8-10 hours a day, cooperating, yes. maybe
  36. It gets easier… after a while
  37. No need to memorize things

stackoverflow Developer Survey Results 2019

What pops out: The 5 most popular languages:

Most widely used language – JavaScript

The most widely used programming language is, unsurprisingly, the venerable web language JavaScript.

JavaScript has topped the list of the “most popular” programming languages in the Stack Overflow survey for the past seven years.

The language has grown beyond its roots as a simple scripting language for the web, and with the help of frameworks like React is today used to build graphical user interfaces for web and mobile apps, as well as to create server-side software running in a Node.js environment. It can even be found in software controlling IoT appliances thanks to the flow-based development tool Node-RED.


Developers are:

Developers are a lot of things!

In case you forgot:

Somedays I end up behind where I started…

Started out today trying to figure out why my startup script wasn’t running on client’s digital signage display… and ended up overwriting my server sd-card because I have 2 raspberry pi’s and forgot midstream which one I was working on, doh!

Luckily I have a backup routine that the server runs everyday so I didn’t lose any data, just the config settings and wiki setup and ftp script.

After spending most of the day working on the script problem, the solution was very similar to what I had previous to the client sd-card failing… I think the problem may have been that I re-installed a noob version instead of the raspian version and the noob version wasn’t running lxde as a window manager. So at least I wrote down the session test in the project pi docs. And I put a piece of duct tape over the raspberry pi wiki server sd-card so it won’t be so easy to pull it out next time without realizing there’s a reason that piece of tape is there!