Investing Advice: You Become What You Meditate On!

When I think of investing, I think of Warren Buffet.

Invest in yourself
Invest in yourself

Currently I’ve been studying bitcoin and watching Michael from Boxmining and Andreas Antonopoulos on youtube alot.

Boxmining and Andreas Antonopoulos on youtube
Boxmining and Andreas Antonopoulos on youtube

Then I think, but I spend time every day in meditation as well. So that’s also a kind of investing. Adi Da, my spiritual teacher, says “You become what you meditate on.” Therefore, study or meditate on something good, contemplate someone who is doing good!

You become what you meditate on. This Law summarizes the Process whereby I become your unique Advantage. As My devotee, although you perceive beings and things and phenomena of all kinds, you are in Communion with Me. As My devotee, you are concentrated in Me. In the midst of all that arises, you constantly give your attention to Me through your practice of the Way of the Heart. When you Contemplate Me with devotion, you are Contemplating the Divine Reality, Which is Full, Perfect. When you feelingly-Contemplate Me, you are Contemplating the complete Divine Revelation.

from Avatar Adi Da Samraj

What Is Bitcoin?

  1. A decentralized peer-to-peer network (the bitcoin protocol)
  2. A public transaction ledger (the blockchain)
  3. A set of rules for independent transaction validation and currency issuance (consensus rules)
  4. A mechanism for reaching global decentralized consensus on the valid blockchain (Proof-of-Work algorithm)

from: Mastering Bitcoin, 2ed, Chapter 1, by Andreas Antonopoulos

It’s always a lot easier for me to “anchor” an idea to make it stick, when I have some pictures to go with it!

How To Stop Paying Coinbase Fees

I watched a youtube video recently which told how to do it free. Basically, coinbase also runs gdax, which is a more complicated interface but has the same capabilities as coinbase. So create an account with gdax, and save a few percent with every altcoin transaction. (You can save 4% by using a bank account rather than a credit/debit card.)

Hello People. I am totally new in bitcoin. I downloaded Exodus, and when I simulator a bitcoin transaction of 0.001 (send) and it says that the fees are 21$. Is it correct? for sending 4$ I have to pay 21$?

–Taken from an Exodus forum on Tuesday, July 22, 2017.

Unfortunately, the bitcoin price of a transaction is rather a lot nowadays, because the blockchain is getting more transactions per 10 minutes than will fit in the blockchain. Hopefully, the segwit code will help alleviate that in the short run, and lightning will work in the long run.